"Gold is money. Everything else is credit."

J.P. Morgan
Outside the banking system

Out of the banks

Create your personal Gold Standard, outside the banking system.
With AUROMONEY you only buy physical gold in bars. No risk of Bail in. No risk of Bankruptcy.

Inside a vault

InSIDE a vault

Your physical gold is stored in your name in Switzerland, in the high security facilities of
Loomis International AG
which is independent from AUROMONEY
and specialised in valuable transportation and storage solution.

Gold is always available

Always available

Your gold always remains available to be converted back to your currency.
You can sell back your gold anytime and have its value credited to your bank account, or on your AUROCARD.

Guaranteed gold

Guaranteed gold

The Proof of gold is a solid control system that employs blockchain technology to guarantee your legal ownership and the existence of the gold you buy from AUROMONEY.  Information about quantity, location, transport status and ownership of gold, is provided from independent, reliable and verifiable sources. 

GOLD. No paper please.

We transmute your paper money into gold.

Gold: always a currency

Best money

Physical gold is a natural element with unique features. Over the course of history, it spontaneously became the best medium of exchange.

Gold: value reserve


Physical gold has been proven to be the best store of value over thousands of years. It is the only “currency” which has mantained or increased its purchasing power from its discovery untill today.

Gold: not subject to inflation

 inflation PROOF

Physical gold is by nature unaffected by inflation, as nobody can arbitrarily decide to increase its quantity  in the market.

Gold: exclusive property

absolute ownership

Physical gold is money. It is the exclusive property of its owner. All the other fiat currencies represent a credit that is guaranteed by a "forced promise" of the issuing authority.

The first purchased gold bar

To buy and sell gold online is our mission

this is our No.1, the first gold bar that was bought by Auromoney!

The bar "No. 1" is now our customers’ property, as are ALL the bars that are bought and stored through AUROMONEY. The gold is and always remains property of the person who purchased it and keeps it with our secure storage partner company. We guarantee the existence and the ownership rights of the No. 1, and of all the other gold bars, through our PROOF of GOLD.

Buy and sell gold online with a few clicks through the AUROMONEY web-based platform.


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