Buy and deposit

BUYing Gold is easy and safe.

Gold swiss safe


Choose the amount of gold you want to buy in your reference currency (e.g. 3000 Euros) and place your order.


Complete your order with a transfer from your bank account following the instruction in the confirmation e-mail you'll receive by AUROMONEY.


Once the transfer to Auromoney is completed, your order is executed on the next working day at the AUROPRICE BUY (Fixing PM + Fee).
Buy gold, pay in Bitcoin

The purchased quantity is added in your Auro account and your physical gold is securely stored in your name in Switzerland by our secure storage partner.



Your gold can be converted back into paper money anytime


You can decide how much gold you wish to sell, either by quantity (e.g. 18 Gr.) or in your reference currency (e.g. 1000 Euros). Simply enter the security SMS code, send the order and wait for a confirmation e-mail.


If placed before  12.00 London time, your order is executed at the AUROPRICE SELL (Fixing PM - Fees) on the same day.


Your money can be transferred to your bank account or credited to your AUROCARD account. 
You choose.

If the order is placed after 12.00 London time, or during an official holiday of the LBMA, it will be executed at the AUROPRICE SELL of the next working day.



your Gold in your hands


You can fill in the withdrawal form anytime and claim your physical gold in bars of 10-100-1000 grams.


You will receive the requested gold bars at your address by a specialized and insured courier.


Since the gold is already yours, only the costs of production and transport will be charged.

 Average delivery time: 8 -10 working days.

The prepaid debit card linked to your Auro account.

Use the Aurocard to do your everyday shopping in physical stores, online, or to withdraw cash at any ATM within the Mastercard circuit.
Your AUROCARD can be topped up anytime when you Sell gold from your account.


Debit card in gold - Aurocard

Any questions?

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